why choose to adopt the standard?


your unique company procurement file

Upon approval of your assessment you will have created a unique procurement file for your company, linking it to other companies within the industry to define yourself as a safe and compliant specialist in your trade.

Keep it updated and share it through your unique portal.

INDUSTRY PROTECTION from poor standards

By completing the assessment and categorising your company as a compliant servicing company you will be one more company putting a stop to unsafe standards and operation of non-specialist companies carrying out such works. Why invest in all the training and service management you do to continue to watch the unwilling take profit from your work and operate lower the standards you help to create?

a stable, specialised and supportive industry

Through the advance procurement process the assessment offers combined with the exchangeable formats created you will be able to share your service with those seeking the best companies in their fields.

To be a specialist you must first show that you cared enough to specialise in the service and support others that specialise in theirs.

Safety for your staff and future generations

By adopting the standard and creating your procurement profile through the assessment you have begun the step to adopting a strong stable system for your company. Through the continuing development of your files you will be protecting your staff throughout their training requirements as well as maintaining a strong standard of compliance for all those looking to join your company now and in the future.


Enviro Consultants are dedicated to serving the pest industry to achieve an outstanding level of service throughout all its operations. The industry can boast one of the most isolated and under estimated industries currently providing services across the world. With companies and their technicians being required to operate in all other industries, providing specialist services that require advance training and certification to complete the standard of service required, it is a necessary to provide a company the ability to demonstrate their ability.

Seeing company operations ranging from chemical use to hazardous waste removal and even into specialist services within aerospace, construction, cleaning & agricultural industries where companies perform front line protection using an array of techniques to effectively treat whilst safeguarding the health of staff, property and the public. It is Enviro Consultants mission to provide the servicing companies of the industry the ability to show their individual ability and compliance whilst providing those using the industry services a clear and transparent means of ensuring they are being served by the best the industry has to offer.

There is sadly, as in any industry those that claim to be specialist but are yet to provide their staff with sufficient training and protection against the hazards and risks associated with such tasks whilst still operating such services. Therefor the assessment standard was created for companies to create and present a digital footprint of their company to demonstrate their dedication to staff training and safety, show off their range of specialist services whilst proving their compliance as an industry member.


It is the requirement of any company, in any industry, operating as part of a scheme or supporting an internal management system to regulate their supply chain through process of procurement, therefore what better way to reward your hard work satisfying your compliance within the industry than with a transferable and compatible copy of your procurement file!

Once a company achieves an 'Approved' status in their selected fields they will receive a company specific PDF version of their procurement file for use with all their customers to satisfy even the strictest of procurement process. This will remove the time constraints of having to complete company questionnaires and supplier set up document, just present your interdependently assessed file. Our procurement packages can even be used within tender submissions to effectively present your company information, trusted and independently created direct from your assessment portals.

Through this process of service classification within the procurement assessment a company will be able to define themselves and keep their information up to date. With an initial assessment being completed to establish their service through evidence and certification, each company will be able to keep their procurement file up to date annually via their Enviro portal where they can add, remove and name other specialist companies as approved contractors within their procurement file. With each minor adjustment such as additional certification and replacement of certificates following renewals performed under a non-assessment update they can keep their files accurate for operations.


As companies continue to create their unique procurement file and demonstrate their service ability through the Enviro assessment scheme they show their compliance, training, certification and experience in their chosen field. Through this process, together they create an established network of trusted companies. This trusted network further assist in creating confidence in service and restrict the operations of companies operating with insufficiently trained staff, acting in bad practice and providing unregulated methods of treatment and service.

With development being focused towards service ability and Enviro continuing their contact with other industries, the scheme provides a direct link to easily identify complaint companies whilst it restricts the non-compliant from easily participating in the servicing and securing of works. Through this continuous development and supported process we are establishing a stronger industry, in which the process of contractor selection can easily be satisfied with focuses turning towards a companies ability to service effectively through their management systems for delivery quality pest management.


As a fundamental part of the of the scheme's process, a company will be required to satisfy compliance in their supplied services. With industry companies currently able to advertise all services, working on a reactive solution to completion upon receiving orders, the industry has seen a continuous rise in the number of companies participating in tenders and quoting opportunities without the necessary ability to service at the time costs are submitted.

It is through the scheme that companies able to successfully participate in shared services through quality of work, cost effective rates and maintained working relationship, will be able to continue their multi-service claims at all levels of servicing. The scheme's partnership section enables a company to nominate a company also under the scheme as their acting specialist in areas they fail to satisfy. Through this method the very definition of a cost effect solution will be stronger than ever, with nominated companies specialising in each field able to operate with competing only from those that too understand the full requirement of the service. With no restriction to the number of nominations a company can state, both company and client can see national contract servicing achieved to the highest of standards.

With this active participation in shared services through the scheme, the industry will see more companies able maintain a dedicated service to their clients, with contract retention rates increasing as a result of the effective management on site, correct working practices whilst the offering of full service management being possible.


Change is hard, it can be hard to adopt and hard to see the positive a well developed scheme can create for an industry. With cash flow and time management dedicated to the front line servicing, the standard and training can often unknowingly suffer as a result. Through the Enviro procurement scheme, it provides instant insight into the standard and training of a company, allowing an effective and efficient management system to be introduced internally to react accordingly for future development and training.

Able to bring the industry this scheme completely independently managed to active schemes whilst embracing all their values at a servicing and industry level, Enviro Consultants are able to assist also in non-advisory, non-servicing and unbiased ways to assist those seeking the assessment to achieve their target without calling for large chunks of cash flow to do so.

We can support a company in the following ways...

Client Client Client Client Client Client


Achieving the 'APPROVED' status

regardless of your company size you can achieve the approval mark

Enviro invites all companies to complete the assessment s to join the scheme, through its assessment and safety features only those willing and wishing to see the industry develop and move forward towards cross industry integration and raised standard will a company deem to satisfy.

Only servicing companies having passed the Enviro procurement assessment will be granted 'Approval' and access the jobs portal.

All portal users will be required to sign confidentiality & partner agreements before being provided access.

All companies using the portal will be required to keep their procurement files up to date through Enviro at ALL times, expired data will void approval and require re-assessment.

Providing a secure breach report option, Enviro will complete a conflict management assessment for reports of misconduct, H&S breaches, non-authorised client communication and even service ability concerns.
Upon investigation findings, if found to be in breach will result in the loss of approval, to be required satisfy a full assessment inc. several site inspections to deem to satisfy once more.

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